Child Poverty and Deprivation in Uganda

  • Adebayo Tajudeen Sanni
Keywords: Child Poverty, Deprivation, Policy, Strategies, Uganda


The need and purpose of this paper is to examine child poverty and deprivation in Uganda. Child poverty has been a concern of a majority of researchers and stakeholders around the world, especially in Uganda. In Uganda, the situation analysis currently is nothing to write home about. There are challenges associated with child poverty and deprivation, such as basic health care; adequate nutrition, water and sanitation; and nurturing and stimulation within a caring, safe and clean environment. Concerned citizens, therefore, have been questioning the problem of child poverty from different perspectives. why child poverty? Is it acceptable to blame poor children for their own predicament? Have their parents been lazy, made poor decisions, and been solely responsible for their plight? What about their governments? Have they pursued policies that actually harm the successful development of child protection? Such causes of poverty
and inequality are no doubt real. The research starts by looking at the background with empirical evidence. A desk review methodology was used to unravel the circumstances surrounding child poverty and deprivation. The causes of child poverty, the existing policy to combat it, and strategies to resolve the problem are discussed, and the paper concluded.