• VISVESVARAN P K Faculty (Retired), Madras School of Social Work, Chennai
  • PRIYA GEORGE Assistant Professor, Department of Social Work, Stella Maris College Chennai.
Keywords: Problem-solving, Reality talk show, case review, social work training


At least two Tamil TV channels - Captain TV and Zee Tamil - telecast, on a daily basis (five days a week), problem-solving interviews with clients seeking solutions to their troubles ranging from alcoholism, broken promises, being cheated of one's money, and infidelity, among others. The female anchors listen to the narration patiently, ask questions in between, offer advice and guidance, and try to find solutions. These may include reconciliation, mediation and arbitration
- or all of these on an informal basis. There are other attempted solutions that need elaboration. The programmes are officially titled “Nothing but the Truth” (Solvadellam Unmai) and “Let's Chat Heartto- Heart” (Manam Vittu Pessuvom), by Zee Tamil and Captain TV respectively. In this article, they will be referred to as SU and MVP respectively (incidentally, the second programme has since folded up). The present write-up narrates several of the newer stories and suggests
improvements in the general conduct of talk shows. Also, how reality shows can be utilized by social work teachers to enhance their training potential has been discussed.

Note: The present account has not been authorized by the media or their channels. It is not being done at anyone's behest. Further, as per the law, no authorization seems necessary for offering legitimate criticism or commentary on the media's programmes in a democracy.